Full Episode Summary

9-1-1...what is your emergency? You haven't gotten quite enough 80's? Well, strap in for the ride of your life because we're about to get straight up in your face with the year that ends them all...I Love The 80s 3-D: 1989.

On the big screen, Patrick Swayze was packing a punch at the Road House, even though he may have been a little too small for the job. Size was an even bigger issue for Rick Moranis when he declared, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,/i>. Steve Martin got his own lesson in child rearing as he learned all about Parenthood. A feisty group of Steel Magnolias made you laugh until you cried. The Little Mermaid had a lot more going on than just musical numbers and singing seas creatures.

Mr. Bean barely spoke a word, but grabbed some big laughs, while William Shatner delivered some very realistic and extremely compelling reenactments of actual emergencies on Rescue 911.

Leona Helmsley became everyone's favorite prison bitch when she was thrown in the slammer for not paying her taxes. And Salman Rushdie found out that free speech could cost you your life when he wrote the controversial Satanic Verses.

The world learned not to drink and drive a giant oil tanker when the Exxon Valdez crashed in Alaska. The government tried to recreate Wonder Woman's invisible jet in the form of the less than cost effective Stealth Bomber. And Kim Basinger dropped wads of cash to become the landlord of the small town of Braselton, Georgia.

Joe Montana stepped up his game and kicked some Bengal ass in the final seconds of Superbowl XXIII.

In the music world, fans were driven to the brink of insanity by some Fine Young Cannibals. Paula Abdul told you all those "Cold Hearted Snakes" that she was "Forever Your Girl." And the Prince of Darkness and the bad girl of rock joined forces for the sappy love ballad, "If I Close My Eyes Forever."

It's all here and it's three dimensional. So, raise your fade and be sure to Avoid the Noid! This is I Love The 80s 3-D: 1989!