Ep Type Title Date
  080  Bonus Clips  I Love The 80s: 3-D Greatest Hits 12/28/05 
  080  Bonus Clips  Return Of The I Love The 80s: 3-D Screening Party 10/31/05 
  080  Bonus Clips  I Love The 80s: 3-D Screening Party 10/26/05 
  080  Bonus Clips  I Love The 80s 3-D Rants: Godfrey 10/17/05 
  080  Bonus Clips  I Love The 80s 3-D Rants: Patrice O'Neal 10/17/05 

About I Love The 80s 3-D

Just can't get enough 80s? VH1...the birthplace of the infamous I Love The series - which brought you I Love the 80s and I Love the 80s Strikes Back - is once again the center of retro-gushing nostalgia-gagging fun. Please join us for the television event of the summer of 2005: I Love The 80s: 3-D.

We're back, we're funnier than ever, and because we haven't run out of ideas, we're taking it to the THIRD DIMENSION, with gnarly special effects that'll--like--blow your mind!

That's right. Put on your 3-D glasses and check out that chick's bangs, this is I Love The 80s: 3-D!!!

The strange occurrences begin immediately, when Robin Williams is cast as Popeye. Feast your eyes on those forearms. I Love The 80s: 3-D brings you a skewed view of the music, movies, TV shows, fashions, fads, and trends that defined pop culture during every year of the decade. From Oak Ridge Boys to Fine Young Cannibals, Jheri-curl to Rat tails, Cannonball Run to Steel Magnolias. The tearjerkers...the tacky... and everything in between.

It's 80's style technology with a 21st century twist. Watch out! Those monchichis will attack. With all your favorite comics, rock stars and celebs coming together to wax poetic about the essential 80s experience. They'll address the major questions of the decade: Whatever happened to party lines? Why did we need an erasable pen? And most important of all: How did they ruin Jaws 3-D?

Watch out for those asteroids! Viewers will be bombarded with every aspect of 80s pop culture. Not just music, TV and movies. We're talking toys, junk food, cars, commercials and anything else that helped make our 80s dreams come true.

Among the highlights...

  • Circus of the Stars turns your favorite A,B and C stars into circus freaks! Will Greg Evigan survive the trapeze????
  • Headbands and mesh tops make girly men of all your favorite rock stars!
  • It's all happening at the mall--Dooood, lets hang at the food court and drink an Orange Julius.
  • Jaws 3-D - Even with the glasses, and a few gory body parts floating before your eyes, the movie sucks!
  • Monchichi Monchichi, oh, so soft and cuddly!
  • TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes: When filming or taping a TV
    show or movie, things invariably go wrong - Ed and Dick walk us through it.
  • Bigfoot! No, not the ape-man, the MONSTER trucks that were crushing cars--oh the joy.
  • Fruit Roll Ups use designer chemicals, fruit-like substances and whimsical presentation to make "fruit" palatable for kids
  • Donahue! He's got a mic and you got a question.
  • Wang Chung - the chop suey of pop songs

    To quote Chuck Woolery, we'll be back in 2 and 2, with an awesome new look at the neon decade we love to love: I Love The 80s: 3-D!