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  1.   George W. Bush-isms

    The 'I Love the New Millennium' crew revisits and recites the infinite wisdom and creative vocabulary of President George W. Bush!

    Air Date: 6/18/08

  2.   Bonus Clips

    See Gilbert Gottfried, Michael Ian Black and more of your favorite comedians and commentators relive the best moments from the new century.

    Air Date: 6/18/08

Full Episode Summary

VH1 is bringing you the next big hit in their hugely popular "I Love..." series. That's right, it's time for I Love the New Millennium, and what better way to kick off this new decade than to celebrate the year that started it all: 2000!

Safe from the potential perils of Y2K and long before 9/11, the year 2000 was a more innocent time for everyone. Join us as we travel back to a year when folks greeted each other with the phrase "Whazzup!?", when Dennis Miller was calling Monday Night Football (huh?), and horny moviegoers lined up to see Erin Brockovich just to catch some good old-fashioned cleavage.

If you remember shouting "Who Let the Dogs Out?" at your favorite sporting event while your brand-new Tivo was at home taping the series premiere of some reality show called Survivor, then this year is for you.

But the biggest thing of 2000 by far was the Presidential election. The American public waited vigilantly for weeks on end to find out just who would be the next President of these United States--and never quite got the answers they were looking for.

While the botched 2000 election allowed Dubya to lead our nation for the next eight years - setting the tone for basically the rest of the decade - it did pave the way for some good, such as a revitalized Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart ("Indecision 2000", anyone?), as well as perhaps the need for some escapism through a new invention called the Razor Scooter.

Politics aside, 2000 still delivered the goods. From asinine "Jackass" stunts to the cinematic triumph that is Dude Where's My Car?, it's all here.