Full Episode Summary

Fear Factor wants to know: can you stomach 2001? "I Love 2001" will make you puke with entertainment or else Joe Rogan will berate you on national TV.

In 2001, Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor somehow managed to be louder, bloodier and more explosion-y than its historical namesake, while Baz Luhrmann showed us Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor could sing as well as sort of act in Moulin Rouge. Movies on a smaller scale, like Zoolander, exposed the male modeling world for what it really was: a group of impressionable would-be assassins too stupid to know what a eulogy is. Memento redefined the functionality of tattoos and taught the world a much-needed lesson on the trials of those with severe head injuries. It was quite the year in film.

In television, America got to wake up every morning with the unbearably cute and perky Kelly Ripa after she replaced the slave-driving Kathie Lee on Live with Regis and Kelly. Joe Rogan successfully coerced busty contestants into eating all sorts of ungodly foods by browbeating them into compliance on Fear Factor. Meanwhile, John "Not Edwards" Edward made a killing talking to the dead on his SciFi hit Crossing Over. And, of course, there was the loveable British crossover Anne Robinson telling America just how stupid we were on The Weakest Link (Goodbye!)

In the news, America rallied together after the tragic attacks on 9/11. Anne Heche lost her mind somewhere in the desert and not even her alter ego "Celestia" could help her find it. And although we didn't get the Jet-Pack or Flying Car, nerdy engineers gave us the Segway to solve that frustrating walking problem that had been plaguing mankind for eons. Perhaps the greatest invention of 2001 was the Lo-Rise Jean which gave America the opportunity to embrace both the Tramp Stamp and the Muffin Top--that or the iPod, which completely revolutionized the entire music industry. Toss up!

The music scene in 2001 was all about the ladies with hits like "Lady Marmalade" by Pink, Mya, Lil' Kim, and Christina Aguilera, and "Thank You" by Dido (not Dildo, people!). However, Enrique Iglesias and his giant mole would not be outdone by a bunch of chicks--he crooned his way into J.Love's pants with "Hero."

So turn off your iPod and wave your tiny American flags because this is 2001!