Full Episode Summary

2002 was a tumultuous year for the New Millennium, full of fear, terrorism, war--and perhaps scariest of all--the marriage of Liza Minnelli and David Gest.

Celebrity arrests were popping up left and right, from Robert Blake's murder trial to R. Kelly allegedly urinating on a 14-year-old girl just for kicks. Reality TV was hitting its stride and killing everything in its wake. Some dead girl with ratty hair climbed out of a well and murdered innocent people in The Ring. And, oh yeah, did we mention that Liza Minnelli and David Gest actually got married?

It was an intense year to say the least. Just months after the tragedy of 9/11, Americans began 2002 having to choose whether or not to accept Ozzy Osbourne as the new face of reality TV, or which flavored martini would look coolest to hold at a nightclub, all while deciding what to make of the new Terror Alert Color System the Bush administration introduced. Who knew that a simple color chart could evoke such panic and trepidation? (Or, wait, was that the plan from the start?!)

I Love the New Millennium: 2002 will bring viewers back to a time where Ryan Seacrest wasn't the only American Idol host (remember Brian Dunkleman?), My Big Fat Greek Wedding was somehow all the rage, and stunt magician David Blaine decided to stand on top of a ten-story pillar for 35 hours because... Well, because he can! And who could forget the first Spider-Man flick, which opened up the floodgates for the comic book genre-turned-summer blockbuster. Thwip!!!

From party-hard one-hit wonder Andrew W.K., to botox parties, to those freaky aliens in M. Night's thriller Signs, 2002 is chock full of goodies, and our expert team of celebrities, musicians, actors and comedians will tackle those profound issues you're sure to be mulling over:

-Was Avril Lavigne really a punk rocker or just a poser?

-How is Yao Ming 7'6" and also Chinese?

-Just how many public places did Diane Lane and that French guy do it in Unfaithful?

-Did Liza really beat up David Gest in a drunken rage?

-And, finally, is baseball legend Ted Williams' dismembered head still hanging out in some cryogenics lab?

All this and way more, only on VH1's I Love the New Millennium: 2002.