Full Episode Summary

Ah, 2004. The year we learned Big Macs are bad for us, curses can be broken, and--oh yeah--wardrobes can most definitely malfunction. So pull on your Ugg Boots, tie on that Kabbalah bracelet, and get yourself some tater tots because it's time to sit back, relax, and LOL at this totally off-the-hook year.

2004 brought some awesome comebacks, not the least of which was for a ragtag group of "idiots" called the Boston Red Sox, who finally won the World Series after an 86-year slump! Then Donald Trump's 2004 show The Apprentice thrust him back into the limelight with the help of two magic words: "You're fired!" But the biggest comeback of 2004 had to be the Burger King himself! The fast food chain brought back their mascot, who did a hell of a job scaring us into eating Whoppers. Too many Whoppers? Just get yourself to the arcade for a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution and you'll burn those calories right off!

Speaking of fast food, Morgan Spurlock's documentary Super Size Me showed us exactly what happens if you eat nothing but McDonald's for 30 days straight (Spoiler alert: Bad Things!).

2004 also brought us all a little closer to our spiritual sides--amen! At the movies, it was all about The Passion of the Christ (especially for those who are fluent in Aramaic). And if that wasn't enough to make Catholicism hot again, how about that little novel that everyone was reading called The Da Vinci Code? Not your denominational thing? Maybe you were following in the footsteps of Esther--whoops, we mean Madonna--and practicing the ancient religion known as Kabbalah. Don't understand Jewish mysticism? That's okay, we're pretty sure Britney Spears doesn't, either.

Nerds also stole our hearts in 2004, starting with a guy named Napoleon Dynamite. Never had a tetherball-playing, moonboot-wearing, dancing fool made us root for him more. Gosh! Prefer your nerds more real? How about reality reject William Hung? His sweet vocal styling and positive attitude made for one of the most memorable American Idol auditions ever. Then there was Ken Jennings, whose record-breaking run on Jeopardy! was so hot, it even threatened to steal Alex Trebek's thunder. Oooh, sorry--no...

With all this great stuff, you might think Ashton Kutcher is having you Punk'd, but it's just VH1's I Love the New Millennium: 2004!