Full Episode Summary

"You are so F-ing hot," and so is I LOVE 2005: the most scandalous year of the millennium, of course!

At the movies, two lonely cowboys taught us about love on the range in Brokeback Mountain, while Grizzly Man showed us that the mentally insane should probably not spend extended periods of time alone with giant bears. Oh, and we all learned that penguins are the cutest thing on earth, especially when Morgan Freeman is taking care of the narration.

In television, Chris Hansen introduced America to the giant pedophilia wave sweeping America with the wildly popular Dateline NBC segment To Catch a Predator. Never have sexual predators been so funny since...since--well, never! Kirstie Alley turned her weight problem into a huge moneymaker with both a short-lived sitcom on Showtime called Fat Actress and a series of Jenny Craig commercials.

2005 was also a big year in music. D4L made us ask ourselves: what is "Laffy Taffy" and why can we not get enough of it, while OK Go! had a smash hit born on the internet with "Here it Goes Again." Treadmills plus a catchy tune minus a record label equals totally awesome indie success.

Bill O'Reilly and Pat O'Brien vied for creepiest drunk Irishman's voice mail scandal and ended up tying... boo-hoo. Martha Stewart went to jail because her pies were just too yummy and we even got a new Pope after the old one finally folded in half.

New heights in time-wasting were reached with the invention of YouTube and that irresistible Asian sensation Sudoku! All the while, baseball players lied to Congress while FEMA shortchanged the victims of Katrina.

Put down your shotgun, Sean Penn, and close out that YouTube player... it's 2005!!