Full Episode Summary

Ahhhh 2006. It seems so long ago, doesn't it?

James Bond went blonde in Casino Royale. Mel Gibson got drunk and anti-semetic, and Daniel Powter had a bad day - over and over and over again. What's not to "love"?

On the radio, James Blunt tugged at the ladies' heartstrings with "You're Beautiful", Pink poked fun at all the "Stupid Girls" in Hollywood and Fergie's "London Bridge" kept coming down.

Up on the big screen, Borat wanted to "make sexy time", the cast of Dreamgirls were dreaming of Oscars, and an adorable little girl did a disturbing stripper dance in Little Miss Sunshine. And, if you wonder what the world would be like without babies, Children of Men was the flick for you.

Meanwhile, on the small screen, Kiefer Sutherland was saving the day in a very timely manner on 24.

All this while North Korea was testing nuclear weapons and the Vice President of the United States was shoot his best friend in the face.

Whether or not you were surprised when Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris came out, it's time to put on your brightly colored Crocs, update your MySpace page and check out "I Love the New Millennium: 2006"!