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  1.   Episode 2 Bonus Clips

    Take a look at these bonus scenes to see more of this week's survival challenge!

    Air Date: 8/11/08

  2.   No Bitchassness Show Clips

    Watch as the teams have to use army skills to try to stay in the game!

    Air Date: 8/11/08

Full Episode Summary

The eleven assistants are woken up in the middle of the night by Diddy's security staff and flown by helicopter to the Fort Dix army base. The teams are taught navigational skills and dropped in the middle of the woods. Their mission: to make their way through a series of hidden markers where clues lead them out of the woods and back to Bad Boy. For Diddy, it's all about making a way out of no way and this tests that belief to the fullest. It takes teamwork, physical stamina, and a good attitude (as Diddy puts it, "no bitchassness") to get through these woods. The race proves too much for some and an ambulance proves vital as the assistants struggle to make their way out.