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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Watch these bonus scenes to see Diddy's Hollywood Walk of Fame speech, Diddyisms, outtakes and more!

    Air Date: 9/01/08

  2.   Hooray for Hollywood Show Clips

    If you can't take care of Diddy's family, you can't take care of Diddy!

    Air Date: 9/02/08

Full Episode Summary

It's an historic day for Sean Diddy Combs because he's getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, the entire group jets off to Los Angeles. This mission tests the assistants' ability to handle Diddy's real public and private life. Their assignment: to take care of the most important people in his life - his mother, and Kim Porter, the mother of his children, for this momentous event. Prepping his family for interviews, the red carpet and the huge celebration proves to be no easy task for our teams - as they struggle with the requests, the entourages, the kids, the wardrobe, and of course - the urgent requests from Mr. Combs to make sure the event goes off Diddy-style - without a hitch. The pressure proves too strong for some, and the elimination proceedings erupt in a series of accusations, tears and drama.