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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Learn more of Diddy's lingo and find out how to survive working for Sean Combs!

    Air Date: 9/08/08

  2.   Unforgivable Hustle Show Clips

    The uptown and downtown teams face off in a perfume challenge. Find out who stinks and who smells of sweet success!

    Air Date: 9/08/08

Full Episode Summary

For Diddy, it's all about the bottom line - and this mission puts our assistants on the front lines - selling Diddy's personal fragrance, Unforgivable, in Manhattan's premium cosmetic stores -- Sephora. Each team must create an in-store campaign and design a T-shirt for a gift-with-purchase giveaway. This mission tests the assistants' ability to sell hard while maintaining the Sean John image. Convincing New Yorkers to drop hard cash on the spot is tougher than it sounds. The assistants flirt, fight, and some are driven to tears of frustration as they race to sell the most Unforgivable.