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  1.   Paris

    Jessica, Ken, and CaCee head to the fashion capital of the world!

    Air Date: 3/23/10

  2.   Episode 2 Bonus Clips

    Watch extended scenes and extras - including a beauty tip - from Episode 2!

    Air Date: 3/22/10

  3.   Paris Show Clips

    Watch all the best moments from Episode 2!

    Air Date: 3/22/10

Full Episode Summary

Pret-a-porte week in Paris welcomes Jessica, Ken, and Cacee for a true "behind-the-scenes" look at the world of high fashion. Their beauty ambassador is a fashion model who teaches the cast about the challenges models face on an everyday basis, including daily weigh-ins, and constant criticism. Jessica and cast first explore the glamorous side of Parisian beauty, with a trip to a luxury wine spa for some sweet and sticky treatments. But when Jessica and the cast meet with an anorexic runway model, who almost died at only 80 lbs., they hear first hand about the extreme risks some women will take to meet the standard of beauty on the runway. Jessica is invited to walk the runway for a show at Pret-a-porte, and the pressures to fit an industry standard mount as a highly critical event runway coach criticizes and threatens to pull her from the show.