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  1.   India

    Jessica, Ken, and CaCee travel to Mumbai, India in Episode 3!

    Air Date: 3/30/10

  2.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Watch extended scenes, extras, and a beauty tip from India.

    Air Date: 3/29/10

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    Watch the highlights from Episode 3!

    Air Date: 3/29/10

Full Episode Summary

This episode takes Jessica, Ken and CaCee to Mumbai, India. They meet Neha, their beauty ambassador at a bustling Bollywood studio where they not only learn about Indian beauty treatments, but also test their dancing skills at a real Bollywood dance audition. Heeding Neha's advice, Jessica checks out some local Mumbai yoga, however this is not your typical yoga's laughter yoga! Jessica, Ken and CaCee giggle and guffaw their way to a younger state of mind. Feeling younger, the cast decides to embark on looking younger. They head off to an ayurvedic spa where the meaning of "exotic beauty treatment" gets pushed to new limits...drinking cow urine and snorting water through a netti-pot leave the cast gagging and giggling!

Being an ambassador for Operation Smile, Jessica decides to meet and help Meena, one of the many kids in India suffering from a cleft palate. Jessica, Ken and CaCee hold Meena's hand while surgeons transform her appearance and her life! Finally the cast undergoes a total transformation...donning henna tattoos and ornate sari's, they celebrate their new appreciation of vibrant colors and self expression at a huge red carpet Bollywood party.