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  1.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 104 | Uganda

    Jessica, Ken, and CaCee head to Uganda and learn that fat is beautiful.

    Air Date: 4/06/10

  2.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 104 | Bonus Clip

    Watch bonus clips and a beauty tip from Uganda.

    Air Date: 4/05/10

  3.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 104 | Highlights

    Watch the best moments from Episode 4!

    Air Date: 4/05/10

Full Episode Summary

Jessica, Ken, and Cacee adventure to Africa, where they explore the beauty of Uganda's exotic Hima tribe. With zebras, giraffes, and warthogs at every turn, the trio travels to a very remote location, where they meet Judy; an ambassador from the tribe that introduces them to the philosophy that "fat " is beautiful for women. The Hima tribe values their women as they value their cattle, "the fatter, the better". Jessica and Cacee meet an upcoming bride who has been preparing for her wedding in a "fattening hut" for over two months where she drinks milk and "ghee" until she becomes fat. Ken learns how to milk cows, while Jessica and Cacee feast. Back at camp, Jessica contends with a giant spider and creepy-crawlers that spook in the night. Jessica, Ken and Cacee are invited to participate in the tribal wedding and celebrate a truly unconventional concept of beauty.