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  1.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 105 | Morocco

    Jessica, Ken, and CaCee travel to Morocco to discover beauty.

    Air Date: 4/13/10

  2.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 105 | Highlights

    Watch the best moments from Episode 5!

    Air Date: 4/12/10

Full Episode Summary

Jessica, Ken and CaCee head to the ancient city of Marrakech! First stop, a meeting with Khansa, their Beauty Ambassador in Morocco. The cast gets the inside scoop on Moroccan fashion, food and spa treatments. The cast agrees to accompany Khansa to a local Kaftan store, where they get fitted in traditional jellabas before exploring the open market where they are charmed by snakes, attacked by monkeys, entertained by a witch doctor and experience their first taste of sheep brains! And that's just the beginning....Jessica will be scrubbed clean at a traditional hammam, learn the ancient art of tea tray dancing and visit a home where the various looks of Moroccan women are explored. The episode culminates in a complete transformation of the cast --Jessica, Ken and CaCee dressed in ornate kaftans, ride camel-back to a festive Moroccan party, complete with belly dancers and live musicians.