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  1.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 107 | Tokyo

    Jess, Ken, and CaCee discover what makes the Japanese culture so beautiful.

    Air Date: 4/20/10

  2.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 106 | Bonus Clip

    Watch extrended and deleted scenes, and a beauty tip from Tokyo!

    Air Date: 4/19/10

  3.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 106 | Highlights

    Watch all the best moments from Episode 6!

    Air Date: 4/19/10

Full Episode Summary

Jessica, Ken, and Cacee hit the streets of Tokyo to explore beauty treatments and trends representative of Japan. Beauty ambassador, Riyo Mori (Miss World, 2007) explains that while the traditional Japanese woman was subservient, today women from Japan are speaking up, and expressing themselves. Jessica and Cacee attend Geisha school and learn the seductive art of becoming Japan's most traditional icon of beauty. The cast also tries local beauty treatments including: fish pedicures, and a sand pit sauna. On a serious note, Jessica speaks with a Japanese woman considering an eyelid plastic surgery to make her eyes look more "western" (the most common surgery in Japan). After some Harajuku-style shopping, the cast launches a rooftop runway show celebrating all the looks and beauty they discovered in Tokyo.