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  1.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 108 | Los Angeles

    Jess, Ken, and Cacee return home, ready to impart their wisdom of beauty with the rest of LA.

    Air Date: 5/04/10

  2.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 108 | Bonus Clip

    Watch bonus footage and a beauty tip from L.A.!

    Air Date: 5/03/10

  3.   Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty | Episode 108 | Highlights

    Watch the best highlights from Episode 8!

    Air Date: 5/03/10

Full Episode Summary

In the final episode of the "The Price of Beauty" Jessica, Ken and CaCee travel home to the sunny city of Los Angeles! Jessica, empowered by her recent travels, is determined to share her newly found sense of self with young girls right in her own back yard. Our cast visits a group of high school girls battling self-esteem issues. Their emotional stories touch Jessica's heart and she implores the young girls to believe in themselves and to define beauty from the inside out! Jessica invites three lucky high school girls to get a makeover and walk the runway in her big finale fashion show. The giddy girls are made over from head to toe, compliments of Jessica's clothing line and Ken's beauty salon. At the salon the girls meet Jessica's special guest from Thailand, Panya! Panya is in for quite the makeover herself. All of the makeover magic is leading up to the grand finale fashion show where Jessica will announce her plans to launch a Self Esteem movement in conjunction with the Operation Smile Charity. Panya, the high school girls and a bevy of models that represent each country from the series, strut down the runway in celebration of beauty and self esteem!