Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty

about Jessica Simpson's The Price Of Beauty

Jessica Simpson is embarking on a world tour...but this time it has nothing to do with music. Jessica, along with her two best friends, Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb, are traveling the globe to explore how different cultures define beauty and the extraordinary lengths that women will go to in order to achieve it.

Journeying from Tokyo and Thailand, to Paris and Rio, to Uganda, Morocco and India - the cast is met in each city by a "beauty ambassador" who helps them tackle topics revolving around fashion, fitness, diet, and outlandish spa treatments. In each country, Jessica, Ken, and CaCee experience firsthand some of the local beauty rituals - from drinking cow urine in India, to being buried up to their necks in Tokyo, to drinking gourds of ghee in a fattening hut in Uganda.

But it's not all fun and games - Jessica also explores the high price that some women pay to feel beautiful. Imagine the plight of women in Northern Thailand, who wear 20-pound rings around their necks, crushing their clavicles, to a mother in Rio who cannot afford electricity, but is secretly saving for butt implants.