About The Show

Three #1 albums. Sold out tours. A die hard fan base who live and breathe all things K.Michelle. There's nothing K hasn't Konquered!

After surviving the cut-throat music scene in the Big Apple and getting "classy'ed up" in the Hollywood Hills, K.Michelle is back in Atlanta to diversify her empire from sexy solo artist into a savvy multi-faceted mogul! Most importantly, K.Michelle is ready to embrace the "Kimberly Pate" she was always meant to be.

After coming off her hugely successful Hello Kimberly tour and finally opening her much-anticipated restaurant Puff & Petals, K.Michelle has never been more successful...and (unsurprisingly) she wants more. However, what she wants is not just dollars or album sales; what she wants is to reconnect with her past. On her latest tour, she may have said "hello" to the Kimberly who still lives inside her but now, she wants to spend some time with Kimberly and get to know her again...and she is sharing the journey with all of us.

This season, K.Michelle is longing for her Memphis roots, and we will finally see why K.Michelle is the "jumping gates" girl we've grown to love! Cracking the veneers of her superstar persona, K.Michelle will bring us back to her Memphis world where hometown secrets will be revealed by her parents, ex- boyfriends, first loves, childhood friends and her "living in the shadows" sister, Shalah.

But don't get it twisted! K.Michelle still means business! In addition to her new restaurant, where K.Michelle will be tested as her young and thirsty Puff & Petals employees claw for attention, K now has her own imprint on Atlantic Records. As a label boss, K.Michelle will attempt to develop wannabes into stars - but for a natural talent like K, how will she handle a pool of young artists who are trying to hash tag their way to fame instead of putting in the work? K.Michelle is about to learn what it is like to juggle multiple projects where failure is NOT an option!

K.Michelle may have left Memphis in pursuit of the Forbes list, but she is unwilling to let the Memphis leave the girl! Amid the hustle of trying to get her businesses up and running, K.Michelle goes back to Memphis to take a break from being center stage to reconnect with her innerself - Kimberly Pate. And shes brings her BFF Jonathan along for the ride! Since leaving K.Michelle in L.A. for New York, Jonathan has moved to Atlanta. He will be a fish out of water when he tags along with K to Memphis, where she will definitely be shaking the family table! With a shocking feud brewing between Jonathan and K.Michelle's girl P. London, K.Michelle may be forced to eliminate one of them from her inner circle.

K.Michelle and her big booty "Bessy" are back for another wild journey! After all, it's K.Michelle's world and the rest of us are just surviving in it!


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