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Kiss And Make Up - Part 2

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  1. After weeks of passing each other like ships in the night, a fed up La decides to blow off some steam in Miami. But amidst the fun in the sun, La begins to realize an unpleasant truth -- the craziness of her burgeoning Hollywood career and Melo's NBA sche...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Between L.A. auditions and NBA road games, hectic schedules have prevented La La and husband Carmelo Anthony from being able to spend time together in for weeks....  Read Full Summary »


  3. The spotlight of fame becomes too much to handle for La La when an innocent photograph taken by paparazzi is turned into a salacious story on the blogs....  Read Full Summary »


About La La's Full Court Life 2

  1. It would be an understatement to say that the last year of La La's life has been hectic. With the stress of an NBA trade of husband Carmelo Anthony and a move to New York City ruling their lives, this full-time wife, mother, and career woman had plenty on her plate in La La's Full Court Life. La La is back again for another season of ten all new half-hour episodes, and now that the first family of basketball has finally settled in New York, life for La is bigger and better than ever!

    It turns out that the cross-country move to New York wasn't just good for Melo's career but La's as well. Stepping up to the next level of business, we follow La as she launches her own makeup line, acts in a popular TV series, celebrates her new role on the silver screen, walks the runway in New York Fashion Week, and of course continues to host -- from the vh1 Diva's red carpet to a TRL reunion. With so much time in the spotlight, La is at the top of everyone's "must have" list.

    But this "it" girls always makes time for friends, and the old gang, Kelly Rowland, Po, and cousin Dice, are back for more of the usual hijinks. From hitting the stripper pole and going on blind dates to jet skiing and being on the receiving end of La's infamous scheming, these girls are along for the ride. And since La La's circle of friends is ever growing, this season also sees her in the studio with Monica, on a play date with Christina Milian, sharing the Broadway stage with Alicia Keyes, chilling in Miami with Trina and Ciara in New York, and finally hanging out with the real basketball wives of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Alonzo Mourning.

    But no matter how over-the-top her public life may get, La always keeps it real In La La's Full Court Life 2 we get an insider look at the many struggles that this multi-faceted woman faces. She must sort through her conflicting emotions and choose between adding another child to her family or continuing with her burgeoning career. Balancing all of the people she cares for in her life also becomes a problem with old friends and new friends competing for attention. And things don't get easier at home when she is forced to consider the faithfulness of her high-profile husband. Good and bad, life is constantly in flux for La. Luckily for us, she wouldn't have it any other way.

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