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  1. Po is experiencing some "creative differences" with her new label, Dice has an extreme new look that takes everyone by surprise, and La La is racing to be ready to open her business to the public....  Read Full Summary »


  2. La La Anthony is always on the move -- and so is everyone else! Dice is leaving town to attempt to patch things up with her girlfriend, and Po's partner is flying back to her own life in Lebanon. As if that wasn't enough, a huge mistake from La's assistan...  Read Full Summary »


  3. La La has always been fashion forward, but things go sideways when she tries to design a new t-shirt for 5th & Mercer. Meanwhile, Po has designs of her own when she attempts to lure La over to her apartment for a big announcement. But when it's discov...  Read Full Summary »


About La La's Full Court Life 5

  1. With hard work, dedication and a magnetic personality, La La Anthony has
    become a true mogul. Her first book, The Love Playbook, shot to #1 on the New
    York Times Bestseller List, her makeup brand, Motives for La La, sells out in stores
    across the globe and her acting career continues to thrive. In addition to landing
    film roles in Baggage Claim and Think Like A Man Too, La La will also be featured
    in the brand new TV drama Power and a Queen Latifah-produced movie. And
    as if that's not enough, La La recently became the sole owner of her popular
    clothing line, 5th & Mercer, in addition to being a devoted wife to Carmelo and a supermom to Kiyan!

    La La is used to juggling a full schedule, however handling a business by herself is
    a tall order. There are clothes to design, clients to impress, fans to please, and a
    lot still to learn. La is no stranger to hard work, but will this additional responsibility
    prove to be too much to handle?

    On a personal level, some of La La's most loyal friendships will be tested when
    her besties, Po and Dice, become increasingly busy with their own lives...and
    their own problems. They both have new girlfriends who start to wear on their
    nerves as the "honeymoon" phase wears off. Things are not helped by La La's
    inevitable interference, which is never welcome and always sure to stir things up
    despite her best intentions.

    Luckily for La, she still has the usual gang to keep her company even when things
    are rocky with Po and Dice. Melo, Kiyan and Charlamagne are all there to
    support her -- as well as celebrity friends Kelly Rowland, Trina, French Montana,
    Loren Ridinger and Swizz Beatz. This season, La also welcomes a fresh face to the group -- her new assistant, Justin. With and without Justin, there are many new
    adventures to be had, from La learning how to be a serious fashion designer to
    staying upright in skis on a weekend trip.

    La La's Full Court Life is always a balancing act but throughout it all, La La will
    navigate the peaks and pitfalls with humor, humility, and a huge heart.

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