About The Show

LeAnn & Eddie

LeAnn Rimes exploded onto the country music scene in 1996 at the young age of thirteen with her smash hit Blue, which quickly earned her the distinction of Nashville royalty. After years of personal ups and downs throughout her teens and 20's she ultimately achieved a celebrated music career that any artist would envy. Recently, however, Rimes career became overshadowed by the scandal surrounding her highly publicized on-set affair with actor, Eddie Cibrian, while both were married to other people. As LeAnn and Eddie got divorced and fell in love, they not only had the tabloids, paparazzi and blogs to contend with but also Eddie's ex-wife, who took to any media outlet she could find to air dirty laundry. Through it all Eddie and LeAnn got married, and now Eddie shares custody of his two sons.

Still a country music powerhouse, Rimes emerged this year with Spitfire, her most personal album to date and a fresh start with her husband. For the first time ever, the Grammy-winning songstress, and her Hollywood hunk of a husband are giving fans a revealing, humorous glimpse into their private and professional lives. LeAnn & Eddie depicts a modern celebrity couple who are madly in love and constantly juggling responsibilities while enduring the harsh tabloid glare. Surrounding LeAnn are her no-nonsense mother, Belinda, and her two best friends, Liz (a total California mom) and Rendee (her long-standing Southern "sister"). Other cast members include Eddie's Cuban parents, Hortensia and Carl, and Eddie's ne'er do well assistant, Terrell, who may not be the best at his job, but who is certainly entertaining to have around. Whether they're weathering external pressures, Twitter mishaps, tabloid gossip or domestic squabbling, LeAnn and Eddie always manage to keep each other grounded.