• Belinda & Ted MillerCast Member
    Belinda & Ted Miller

    LeAnn's spunky mother and kind- hearted stepfather recently relocated to Los Angeles and see LeAnn and Eddie often. LeAnn gets her looks, bubbly personality and boundless energy from her mother, but "Momma B" is a tad more conservative than her free-spirited daughter. Their recent move to Los Angeles has been a bit of a culture shock for this pair from the deep south, but Belinda’s close relationship with LeAnn has helped ease them into the California lifestyle.

  • Carl & Hortensia CibrianCast Member
    Carl & Hortensia Cibrian

    Eddie's adorable Cuban parents, married for over 40 years, are as playful and in love as ever. Eddie inherited a thrifty nature from his banker father and accountant mother. Carl's a jokester and says what's on his mind, often leaving Eddie shaking his head.

  • Chrissy Bullard OldhamCast Member
    Chrissy Bullard Oldham

    CHRISSY BULLARD OLDHAM: One of LeAnn’s oldest friends she sees LeAnn like a younger sister and after recently giving birth, she can’t wait to introduce her new daughter to her ‘other sister’. As her former assistant, Chrissy understands LeAnn’s hectic life better than anyone does and she’s the one person who isn’t afraid to call LeAnn out when necessary.

  • Darrell BrownCast Member
    Darrell Brown

    LeAnn’s most trusted friend and confidante for 10 + years, he’s her songwriting partner, arranger, producer and second “husband.” Darrell’s been there for LeAnn through it all - looking after her career and personal life like a mama bear.

  • Dave FradinCast Member
    Dave Fradin

    Eddie’s best friend since high school and Liz’s husband, Dave is a successful real estate investor and father of two. Dave loves to talk smack and challenge Eddie, even attempting to try to beat Eddie in sports...and usually fails. He also keeps Eddie closely tied to his roots.

  • Eddie CibrianCast Member
    Eddie Cibrian

    In his early 20’s Eddie transitioned from acting in daytime soap operas to primetime television and feature films. Best known for his roles in the Playboy Club, Third Watch, and CSI Miami (and for a brief career in music as a member of the 90’s boy band 3 Deep) Eddie has loads of charm to match his looks. While filming a made for TV movie, Eddie met LeAnn on the Canadian set of ‘Northern Lights’. It wasn’t until they became a couple when the paparazzi buzz exploded and tabloids, blogs, and America became obsessed with their every move. The couple navigates through celebrity life and raising kids with a lot of laughs, love and the support of their friends and family.

  • Elisa 'Kiki' CaldasCast Member
    Elisa 'Kiki' Caldas

    LeAnn’s fiery Brazilian personal assistant and right hand woman, Kiki moved to California to pursue a career in music, but loves helping and taking care of people. Quiet until she has a few drinks in her.

  • Jonathan PierceCast Member
    Jonathan Pierce

    LeAnn’s longtime friend, interior designer and former gospel singer, Jonathan not only offers his design advice but also his opinions about her life.

  • Keri Rae CampbellCast Member
    Keri Rae Campbell

    LeAnn’s close friend, Keri used to do LeAnn’s makeup on tour and tried to ‘out country’ each other with their accents. Keri lives in Nashville and is nothing less than direct, always being the first one to jump in to defend LeAnn’s honor.

  • LeAnn Rimes-CibrianCast Member
    LeAnn Rimes-Cibrian

    LeAnn is a multi-platinum recording artist, who has earned numerous awards over her 18-year career, including two Grammys. The purity and power of her voice is undeniable, whether she’s performing on stage or raising awareness for one of the charities close to her heart. A lightning rod for tabloid fodder, Rimes has been in the spotlight since her youth, and continues to handle all the public speculation and drama surrounding her personal life with a sense of humor.

  • Liz FradinCast Member
    Liz Fradin

    LIZ FRADIN: LeAnn’s best L.A. girlfriend and Dave’s (Eddie’s best friend) wife, she calls herself a Midwest girl at heart, but her looks scream L.A. As a stay at home mother of two boys, she loves to keep active boxing, working out and doing anything outdoors with LeAnn. A former friend of Brandi’s, Liz is glad to be on the ‘sane side’ now. She’s definitely not always the best influence on LeAnn.

  • MJ (Michael Jackson)Cast Member
    MJ (Michael Jackson)

    LeAnn and Eddie’s personal trainer with a huge personality and intense focus, he gives them a run for their money in the gym and doesn’t allow them to slack off on ‘his’ time, even after almost losing his leg in a snowboarding accident. He’s never shy with his opinion.

  • Rendee BullardCast Member
    Rendee Bullard

    Chrissy’s real life sister and one of LeAnn’s genuine best friend’s, Rendee is a real ‘ball- buster’, with a mouth like a trucker who is always down for a good time. LeAnn and Rendee are truly like real sisters, they love each other to death...and drive each other nuts.

  • Roger CanevariCast Member
    Roger Canevari

    Roger is married to Darrell. He is also an Italian jewelry designer, a therapist and a positive force in everyone’s life. LeAnn and Roger spend many hours shopping and hiding purchases from their husbands.

  • Terrell ThomasCast Member
    Terrell Thomas

    Eddie’s wisecracking personal assistant isn’t always at the top of his game, but sometimes his comic relief is all Eddie needs to get him through the day. Eddie met Terrell while filming a movie and decided to give him a shot as his assistant, which may not have been his best move. Now he’s like family, well, maybe the annoying cousin you have to deal with.

  • Wilbur RimesCast Member
    Wilbur Rimes

    LeAnn’s father, a hardnosed southern cowboy still living on a ranch in Nashville, has worked hard to support LeAnn’s career from the beginning. LeAnn says he had perfect pitch when they used to sing together when she was young and even after some well publicized bumps on the road, they still get together for holidays in Nashville.