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  1.   Muhammad Ali Bonus Clips

    Watch the great Muhammad Ali receiving praise from those who know him best!

    Air Date: 8/10/09

Full Episode Summary

In an era defined by protest and turbulence, perhaps nobody captured the attention of America in the late 1960s more so than Muhammad Ali. As heavyweight champion, Ali electrified the sports world with his sharp tongue and showmanship flare. (His spontaneous rhymes, in fact, are often considered to be the precursor of rap.) But out of the ring, his conversion to Islam and defiant refusal to fight in Vietnam thrust him into the center of a blistering political controversy. And Ali never backed down. He gave voice to black America and helped galvanize the civil rights movement. He fueled the anti-war movement, inspiring young adults to question the government and speak out. He spoke his mind freely, defended his religious beliefs with vigor, and willingly accepted the consequences of his actions, which cost him his title and license to box.