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VH1’s highest rated docu-series, Love & Hip-Hop is taking another bite out of the Big Apple and is back for Season 5. Equipped with our core cast, as well as some new faces, Love & Hip-Hop follows the stories of the heartache, successes, and failures of the lives of NYC’s hip-hop scene.

Last season, fan favorite, Yandy Smith had all of America rooting for her, as she was raising her new baby as a single mother, when her fiancé Mendeecees Harris got locked up. With Mendeecees now back home, Yandy and her man are planning a wedding and preparing to welcome a new baby girl to the family. But with Mendeecees’ pending trial looming large in the background and a meddling extended family, it seems there is trouble in paradise.

TV’s most talked about love triangle is back with even more drama this season. Peter Gunz and his wife Amina Pankey, have moved in together and welcomed a baby girl to the family, but the relationship with his longtime love Tara Wallace is far from over. Peter is trying to juggle both families but keeping both ladies happy lands him in hot water. Things take a turn for Peter when the last thing he expected to happen happens...Amina and Tara start to communicate and secrets are revealed.

Last season ended with a bang when Erica Mena’s two worlds collided. In attempting to get her manager and past lover Rich Dollaz to play nice with her girlfriend Cyn Santana, Erica found herself smack in the middle of her very own triangle. This season, “Ms. Mena Mondays,” is trying to turn over a new leaf, but finding it difficult to escape her wicked ways, especially when she finds out her ex Cyn Santana has signed to Dollaz Unlimited. Will Erica let her exes get the best of her or has she finally found peace in her life and true love with her new fiancé, Bow Wow?

Cyn Santana burst onto the Love & Hip-Hop screen and quickly became a fan favorite. This season, Cyn finds out things about Erica that are too much to handle. So the newly single Cyn, decides to throw herself into her career and honor the death of her brother by penning a song for suicide awareness with the help of her ex-nemesis Rich Dollaz. Rich recruits the help of newcomer, female rapper, Precious Paris. Precious Paris was the first female rapper signed to G-Unit Records by 50 Cent himself, but when she was dropped by the label, Rich Dollaz was right there to pick up the pieces and signed her quickly to Dollaz Unlimited. Precious Paris was used to being the only female on her label, so when Rich signs social media phenom, Jhonni Blaze, Paris has a major problem with it.

Rich Dollaz is continuing his messy ways as he takes on new clients Precious Paris and Jhonni Blaze. Rich should come with his own warning label as he once again fails horribly at navigating his business and personal relationships.

You may not know the name Chink Santana, but he is the producer behind some of hip-hop’s most well-known songs and artists. Chink Santana has relocated from DC to NYC to give it a go with his girlfriend of one year, the eccentric and bombastic, Chrissy Monroe.

Chrissy Monroe is a well-known face on the NYC nightlife scene and is infamous for her outrageous style, her smart mouth and her adorable four-legged daughter, Marge Tiffany. Chrissy has given up the fast life and wants a quintessential traditional family with Chink. Chink, on the other hand is at a very different point in his life, as he is still married to his wife of many years whom he has three kids with and isn’t ready to divorce. These two have a very strong love for each other, but is love enough to get them over their mountain of differences.

Gentle Giant, Cisco Rosado, is most well-known for his public relationship with Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams, and a cameo appearance on Love & Hip Hop Season 3, but Cisco is a NYC music producer who is known by just about everyone on the cast and in the NYC scene. Cisco has been dating Diamond Strawberry, who is the daughter of famed NYC Mets outfielder, Darryl Strawberry. Diamond went against her better judgment and her parents’ wishes and relocated to NYC from LA to be with Cisco. But leaving the good life might not have been the best decision. Diamond wants to make it work with Cisco, but since she has landed in NY, it’s been nothing but lie after lie. Push comes to shove when Diamond discovers Cisco had a baby with his longtime love and baby mama, Tasha, while he was with Diamond.

New York is truly the birthplace of Hip-Hop and the home of some of its biggest successes, even more of its shattered dreams and all of its secrets. Like any other tough skinned inhabitants of "The City That Never Sleeps", the ladies and gentlemen of Season 5 will stop at nothing to reach the top both personally and professionally.