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  1. "Love & Hip Hop 2: Reality Check" is not your traditional reunion show. Due to all the fights and arguments the cast had with each other, the producers were forced to do something different since several of the ladies refused to be in the same room t...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Is Olivia finally on the path to success? Will Emily & Fab live happily ever after? Jim and Chrissy confront the inevitable: will they marry or split up?...  Read Full Summary »


  3. After a volatile rain filled trip to Miami, Yandy seeks some advice from the people that mean the most in her life...  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

    1. Episode 9
    1. Hot Rod  "Dance With Me"

    1. Episode 8

    1. Anthony Hamilton  "Sucka For You"

    1. Episode 7

    1. Rose Hart  "Alone"

    1. Episode 6

About Love & Hip Hop 2

  1. To the casual observer, the world of Hip Hop is all thrills and excitement; there's the bling, the Bentleys, the power and the fame. But behind the scenes, Hip Hop can be a difficult world to navigate ... even harder still for women who are trying to find their lane.

    VH1's docu-soap series "Love & Hip Hop" follows six dynamic women, each with a compelling connection to the world of Hip Hop...all trying to make their way in a world of backstabbing and jealousy... broken promises and shattered dreams.

    There's Chrissy Lampkin, who's been dating rapper Jim Jones for seven years and was all ready to get married and have kids. But after a bold proposal with no results, Chrissy's having second thoughts. No matter how much she loves her man, she's blocked at every turn ... either by Jim's fear of commitment or by family drama that threatens to drive her away.

    Olivia Longott used to be the first lady of G Unit; singing the hooks for 50 Cent. Now she's trying to bust out as a solo artist but she's been finding it tough to launch that second act. She had marginal success with the independent release of the song "December" but it hasn't been enough to get a major label to the table. Still, she refuses to give in because singing is the thing she was born to do. In between studio sessions, she's hustling club gigs but she'd much rather be playing arenas ... she's got big plans for herself and she's not looking to settle.

    Celebrity stylist, Emily Bustamante, spent the last 8 years focused on her relationship with her son's father, Fabolous, but has finally decided that it's time for her to focus on herself and her 2 children. She's moved out and moving on with her Fab-u-less new life.

    Somaya "Boss" Reese is a west coast Latina with killer curves and a fierce commitment to do whatever it takes to launch her rap career. Her circumstances have improved with the help of an investor but now she has to prove, more than ever, that she truly is "La Jefa".

    Series newcomer Kimberly "Kimbella" Vanderhee is best known for gracing the covers and centerfolds of today's most popular urban men's magazines. This sexy bi-racial model and mother of 2 is ready for a career change and with the encouragement of her baby daddy, rapper Juelz Santana, she is ready to try her luck at the pop music game.

    Yandy Smith has spent the last 8 years managing Jim Jones and working with artist such as Missy Elliott. Prior to that she was part of the team at Violator Management where she worked with acts such as 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J to name a few. Yandy is good friends with both Chrissy and Kimbella and also the glue that hold the Dipset crew together. She's young, hungry and all about making that paper.

    In this 10 episode series, we'll follow these six women as they navigate their professional and love lives in a world where opportunity, fame, excitement and money is always in sight ... but sometimes just out of reach.

    "Love & Hip Hop" is executive produced by Mona Scott-Young for Monami Entertainment and Toby Barraud and Stefan Springman for NFGTV. Jim Ackerman and Jeff Olde are executive producers for Vh1.

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