1. The "Triple Threat" from Power Springs, GA. Loren, the 39 year-old mother of 21 year old twins, says she is a diva and has to look good no matter where she goes. Even though she has a master's degree in marketing, she parties with her twins,...  Read More

  2. "Double Trouble" from Baltimore, MD. This mother and daughter take "doubling your fun" to a whole other level. They live together in the same house, party together at the same places, all while wearing the same exact outfits from head to toe. ...  Read More

  3. This mother-daughter pair refers to themselves as "Barbie and Skipper." They're from Butler, NJ and although Debbie claims to be a doll, her daughter doesn't seem to think she's sized like one. Debbie likes to borrow her daughter's clothes, but...  Read More

  4. This mother-daugher pair is known as the vain mother and daughter who stare at themselves for hours in the mirror before hitting the bars together, where they never have to pay for their own drinks. Daughter, Vanessa, is a single 23 year old promo...  Read More

  5. These Houston, TX single ladies are "frenemies," according to Ashley. She says that her mom is like her alter ego because it's like having a best friend and a worst enemy at the same time. Sharon is a consultant who considers herself the...  Read More