• Cali Dream TaylorCast Member
    Cali Dream Taylor

    Jayceon and Tiffney's toddler, this baby beauty has the vocabulary of a ten-year-old. Bright, talkative, and adventurous.

  • Dontay KiddCast Member
    Dontay Kidd

    Jayceon's manager and best friend, Dontay is a link to his Compton days. No nonsense and funny, Dontay tends to be the "voice of reason" to Game.

  • Harlem Caron TaylorCast Member
    Harlem Caron Taylor

    Jayceon's son from a previous relationship. Harlem is very mild and well-mannered.

  • Jayceon "The Game" TaylorCast Member
    Jayceon "The Game" Taylor

    Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name The Game or simply Game, is an American rapper and actor. He is best known as a rapper in the West Coast hip hop scene, and for being one of Dr. Dre's most notable protégés.

    Born in Los Angeles, California, he released his first mixtape "You Know What It Is Vol. 1" in 2002, and landed a record deal with the independent label Get Low Recordz owned by JT The Bigga Figga. He rose to fame in 2005 with the success of his debut album "The Documentary" and "Doctor's Advocate" (2006). A rising artist in the 2000s, The Game is considered to be a driving force in bringing back the West Coast hip hop scene into the mainstream and competing with many of his East Coast counterparts.

    The Game was placed into G-Unit by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine but due to his disputes with 50 Cent, The Game left Aftermath Entertainment and signed with Geffen Records to terminate his contractual obligations with G-Unit in the Summer of 2006. The Game's second album "Doctor's Advocate" became his second straight album to debut at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart. The New York Times named "Doctor's Advocate" the best hip-hop album of 2006.

    His next album "LAX" was released in 2008 and with his fourth studio album "The R.E.D. Album", The Game again debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. In September 2011, Game started working on his fifth studio album, "Jesus Piece", which was released in December 2012 - his final album released by Interscope. In October 2013, The Game released his first project since leaving Interscope, a mixtape titled "Operation Kill Everything". The Game announced that his sixth studio album, a sequel to his debut album "The Documentary" would be released in June 2015, with Dr. Dre returning as producer along with Just Blaze and Scott Storch.

    In addition to music, The Game founded The Black Wall Street Record, starred in motion pictures, and has had his love life chronicled on television. For two seasons, VH1 broadcast Marrying The Game, a reality television series about The Game and his fiancée Tiffney Cambridge, as they prepared to walk down the aisle. The relationship was "love at first sight" when Tiffney met Jayceon. Despite reservations regarding The Game's career, their relationship lasted eight years, but no marriage plans materialized despite the series.

    As West Coast hip hop icons go, The Game is the only Compton kingpin nowhere near 40-years-old with household name recognition worldwide, selling multi-platinum albums, and moving over 10 million albums and platinum selling chart topping singles. The Game is known as much for his street bangers ("Westside Story", "It's Okay", "Let's Ride", "Dope Boys") as for his deeply interpersonal reflection songs and albums ("Start From Scratch",' Dreams, Doctor's Advocate', "Never Can Say Goodbye") and radio friendly pop-pleasers ("Hate It Or Love It", "Put You On The Game", "Gentlemen's Affair", "It Must Be Me"). The Game has earned his place amongst the rap elite and urban music folklore. Nothing was given. He never asked anyway – and he wouldn't have accepted any hip hop handouts even if the industry offered.

  • King "Justice" TaylorCast Member
    King "Justice" Taylor

    Jayceon and Tiffney's witty, inquisitive and always swagged-out son.

  • Maya MellonCast Member
    Maya Mellon

    Tiffney's free-spirited sister, Maya is always looking for love in all the wrong places. She is the younger sister who is always up to give Tiff advice on her and Jayceon's relationship.

  • Tiffney CambridgeCast Member
    Tiffney Cambridge

    Bright, sassy, and a fun girl who met Jayceon "The Game" Taylor in a club 8 years ago. Tiffney's a small person with a big presence. An elementary school teacher for 14 years, she's used to keeping her kids in line.