1. The Game is a platinum selling rap artist, record producer, entrepreneur, and actor. But Jayceon is the family man. Already juggling the demands of family life and a he's helping plan his own wedding.

  2. The Bride! Bright, sassy, and fun girl, who met her fiancé Jayceon Taylor in a club 8 years ago is finally tying the knot. Tiffney's a small person with a big presence. An elementary school teacher for 14 years, she's used to keeping her kids in...  Read More

  3. Jayceon and Tiffney's witty, inquisitive and always swagged-out son. King will escort his mom in the wedding.

  4. Jayceon and Tiffney's toddler, this baby beauty has the vocabulary of a ten-year-old. Bright, talkative, and adventurous, Cali will make a great flower girl in the wedding!

  5. Jayceon's son from a previous relationship. Mild and well-mannered, Harlem will be the ring bearer.

  6. Jayceon's manager and best friend, Dontay is a link to his Compton days. No nonsense and funny, Dontay tends to be the "voice of reason" to Game when talking marriage.

  7. Tiffney's free-spirited sister and Matron Of Honor in wedding, Maya is always looking for love in all the wrong places. She is the younger sister who is always up to give Tiff advice on her and Jayceon's relationship.