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  1. After their first night together in almost a year, Tiffney and Game reconnect over breakfast and discuss the possibility of getting a family home....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Tiffney commits to spending quality time with The Game doing the things he likes to do, but will putting herself into his shoes be a step in the right direction?...  Read Full Summary »


  3. The Game turns over a new leaf and arranges not only a special day for the family, but an intimate "first date" with Tiffney to stoke the embers of their relationship....  Read Full Summary »


About Marrying The Game

  1. VH1 delves into the unlikely love story of double platinum selling rapper Jayceon Taylor better known as "The Game," and his straight-laced school teacher fiancé Tiffney Cambridge as they prepare to walk down the aisle in "Marrying The Game".

    It was anything but love at first sight when Tiffney Cambridge first met Jayceon Taylor. Tiffney, the 5th grade history teacher took to Jayceon, but wanted nothing to do with his alter ego, the young rapper known as The Game. Despite her reservations, love blossomed and after eight years and two children King Justice (5 years old) and Cali Dream (1 year old), Tiffney agreed to marry him. Life is complicated enough for Tiffney as she juggles to balance her career, family, friends, and most of all, being in love with two men: Jayceon Taylor, and the rapper The Game.

    For Tiffney, Jayceon's actions leave her in a constant struggle wondering if she will have to compromise for the rest of her life with his demanding, lavish and wild career as a rapper. Each episode of "Marrying The Game" shows the difference between the most unlikely of couples and the love that ultimately brings them together and also might tear them apart. When you're marrying Game, all bets are off, because it's no easy walk down the aisle. Find out if they exchange vows on this season of "Marrying The Game."

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