• Angela "Big Ang" RaiolaCast Member
    Angela "Big Ang" Raiola

    Angela Raiola aka "Big Ang" is the niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family. Angela, a single mother of 2 was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with her two sisters and four brothers.

    Big Ang always strived to be popular with "the mob". She is what many consider a "mob moll". Owning many mafia hangouts over the years, she became like "one of the guys" - even catching a case with some high ranking members of the mob. She was loved by them all. She is like a character straight from the movie Goodfellas and lives by the lifestyle code. Ang has dated many gangsters throughout her life but has always remained independent. She is not the typical woman who would depend on a man. Big Ang has managed to make her own way and provide her own means within this world, though she was always lavished with houses, cars, jewelry, furs (you name it) by many well known mob wise guys.

    One would believe that they call her Big Ang for "E Cups" or her even larger lips, but is really because of her larger than life personality. She is hysterically funny without even meaning to be. Often referring to herself as the "bad girl" she will have you laughing upon meeting her and keep you laughing until you leave.

  • CristinaCast Member

    Cristina is a spicy, energetic, ditzy, and flirty bartender from Miami. Curvy, and full of energy, this five-foot-tall Latina works hard and parties harder. When she's not working at the Miami Monkey, Cristina is behind the bar at one of her other jobs - Hooters and Waxy O'Connors. On occasion, Cristina's partying gets this one-time Hooters Swimsuit Calendar model into trouble.

    Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Cristina is looking for a man...but not necessarily looking for a relationship. The girl just wants to have fun, though she's not afraid to verbally spar with girls, bouncers, and anyone who gets in the way of a good time.

  • GabbyCast Member

    Gabby is the gorgeous girlfriend of Big Ang's son AJ. Gabby met AJ online and fell for him over their shared love of hip hop. Big Ang worries that Gabby is smothering her son, but Gabby doesn't care.

    AJ is staying behind in New York, but Gabby is heading to Miami with his mother. Gabby hopes to cement her place in the family by helping to launch Big Ang and Raquel's new business. Gabby has never been away from home...and being away from AJ will be a big test for Gabby.

  • MarissaCast Member

    Marissa is one of Raquel's best friends. Known as a sassy party girl who sports the skimpiest of outfits, Marissa loves to dress provocatively to show off her body and indulge in the nightlife. Her passions are fashion, fun, and looking good. But Marissa's not afraid of hard work either - she owns a clothing boutique in Brooklyn. Marissa can be a bubbly sweetheart, but get on her wrong side, and she has no problem putting people in their place.

    Marissa's husband, Frankie, is currently serving 20 years on an attempted murder charge, and she makes the trek to see him religiously every week. She married Frankie in jail a year and a half after meeting him. Marissa loves her husband and is completely devoted to him, and the only downside of heading to Miami is missing her weekly visits with Frankie.

    Nevertheless, Marissa is excited to head to Florida to help Big Ang and Raquel open the Miami Monkey. Big Ang knows that between her beautiful body and her mind for business, Marissa is going to be a valuable member of the Miami Monkey team.

  • MorganCast Member

    Morgan is a Miami local who, when not tending bar at the Miami Monkey, is working at Mansion - the hottest club in town. People may say she's bitchy but she'd rather be called bratty - that's how she defines herself.

    A confident, no-bullsh*t beauty, Morgan is well known on the South Beach club scene. She believes that in Miami women should always be in tip-top shape. Just one look her and it's clear that she practices what she preaches. Morgan has a strict beauty regimen - she rocks a killer tan and keeps regular appointments to maintain her striking appearance.

  • Nate RyanCast Member
    Nate Ryan

    Nate Ryan is a bartender/DJ/model/music producer from Miami. When he's working at the Miami Monkey, he splits his time behind the bar and the DJ booth.

    Born and raised in Barbados, Nate is happy to have a job at the Monkey because working keeps him out of trouble (and helps him pay his bills). A hustler, Nate is always looking for his next big opportunity, and he takes pride in his ability to multi-task. A single guy...Nate has no shortage of suitors - the girls are lined up around the block to get their hands on his tanned and tattooed body.

  • RaquelCast Member

    Raquel is Big Ang's daughter and partner in the Miami Monkey. On the surface, Raquel looks a lot like her mother but their personalities couldn't be more different. Raquel likes to say the roles are reversed - she's the mother and Big Ang is the daughter. Big Ang focuses on fun, and Raquel is all business.

    A self-described hustler, Raquel is the brains behind Ang's operation and she fancies herself a great judge of character. At the bar, Raquel is known as "The Warden" because she runs a tight ship. She doesn't hesitate to put her mom in check when she thinks Big Ang is out of control. Because she has a 9-to-5 job back in New York, Raquel will be commuting to Miami on the weekends to work at the bar. When Raquel is out-of-town, her friend, Roxanne, will be managing the Miami Monkey.

  • RoxanneCast Member

    Roxanne is one of Raquel's closest friends and when she married Big Ang's nephew, Ronnie, she became family. Roxanne left her job managing her husband's construction business in Staten Island behind to help her Aunt Ang open the Miami Monkey.

    Loud-mouthed and opinionated, there will be no monkey-business at the Miami Monkey on Roxanne's watch. She'll be managing the bar when Raquel is back in New York working her 9-to-5 job. Roxanne considers herself a true Staten Island spitfire who never shies away from confrontation. And she revels in telling it like it is - especially when no one else will.

  • RyanCast Member

    Ryan is Raquel's best friend, and treats Big Ang as if she were her own mother. She's beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed...and bitchy. A bartender who longs for the finer things in life, Ryan considers herself a cut above the rest of Staten Island. And this job in Miami is an opportunity for Ryan escape New York and live the dream.

    Ryan loves being the center of attention, and she refuses to take crap from anyone. Territorial behind the bar, Ryan has a history of clashing with Raquel at work. And despite hiring, firing, and rehiring Ryan on numerous occasions, Big Ang is bringing Ryan to South Beach to help open the Miami Monkey, because at the end of the day, Ryan is one of the best bartenders she knows.