1. Angela Raiola aka "Big Ang" is the niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family. Angela, a single mother of 2 was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with her two sisters and four brothers. Big Ang always...  Read More

  2. Raquel is Big Ang's daughter and partner in the Miami Monkey. On the surface, Raquel looks a lot like her mother. But their personalities couldn't be more different. Raquel likes to say the roles are reversed -- she's the mother and Big Ang is the...  Read More

  3. Ryan is Raquel's best friend, and treats Big Ang as if she were her own mother. She's beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed... and bitchy. A bartender who longs for the finer things in life, Ryan considers herself a cut above the rest of Staten Island. And...  Read More

  4. Morgan is a Miami local who, when she's not tending bar at the Miami Monkey, is working at Mansion, the hottest club in town. People may say she's bitchy... but she'd rather be called bratty -- that's how she defines herself. A confident,...  Read More

  5. Roxanne is one of Raquel's closest friends -- and when she married Big Ang's nephew Ronnie, she became family. Roxanne left her job managing her husband's construction business in Staten Island behind to help her Aunt Ang open the Miami Monkey....  Read More

  6. Marissa is Raquel's other-best-friend. Known as a sassy party girl who sports the skimpiest of outfits, Marissa loves to dress provocatively to show off her body and indulge in the nightlife. Her passions are fashion, fun and looking good. But...  Read More

  7. Cristina is a spicy, energetic, ditzy, and flirty bartender from Miami. Curvy, and full of energy, this five-foot-tall Latina, works hard and parties harder. When she's not working at the Miami Monkey, Cristina is behind the bar at one of her...  Read More

  8. Nate Ryan is a bartender-slash-DJ-slash-model-slash-music producer from Miami. When he's working at the Miami Monkey, he splits his time behind the bar and the DJ booth. Born and raised in Barbados, Nate is happy to have a job at the Monkey......  Read More

  9. Gabby is the gorgeous girlfriend of Big Ang's son AJ. Gabby met AJ online, and fell for him over their shared love of hip hop. Big Ang worries that Gabby is smothering her son, but Gabby doesn't care. AJ is staying behind in New York, but Gabby...  Read More