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    • 11/05/13


  1. Dr. Drew hosts and gets to the bottom of the still raw, season ending brawl between Carla and Love while sparks fly when Ramona and Karen reveal the long simmering behind-the-scenes reasons they can't stand Carla....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Drita finally makes a decision on her future with Lee while Love finally meets Carla face to face and their "sitdown" instantly turns into a bloody brawl....  Read Full Summary »


  3. When Love goes ballistic on a friend of Ramona's at Karen's pre-nup party everyone begins to fear for Carla's well as their own....  Read Full Summary »


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    1. Rock Mafia  "The Big Bang"

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About Mob Wives 3

  1. Season 3 of Mob Wives picks up with the women trying to move on in several different ways. In the wake of ex-husband Junior's betrayal, Renee battles an ongoing secret. Big Ang copes with the fall out from her son's drug rehabilitation and final sentencing. Drita learns that her husband, Lee, is going to be released from jail and is forced to consider the consequences. When Lee returns to town, Drita is pushed to choose -- is she willing to let Lee back into their home and into her heart? Or will she follow through with the divorce? Will Drita's dreams be derailed once again?

    Much to Carla's amazement, things continue to heat up between (her still husband) Joe and his much younger girlfriend. Joe drops a bomb on Carla that threatens Carla's number one spot in their relationship. As Karen continues to build her entrepreneurial empire, she learns some startling news about Dave that jeopardizes their long-standing love connection. With Ramona's boyfriend, Joe, still stuck behind bars and awaiting sentencing, Ramona receives an offer she may never be able to refuse.

    As Godmother to the group, Big Ang's peace-making skills are put through the ringer as the women continue to divide and multiply. Drita and Ramona are unexpectedly brought to the table by their daughters and are pressed to settle their scores. When Renee and Carla go to war, it leaves everyone stunned and their twenty-year friendship in tatters.

    The storms continue when Hurricane Sandy devastates Staten Island. The women survive the aftermath using their strength and street smarts to rebuild their hometown.

    With the addition of LOVE MAJEWSKI, a hot-tempered mob moll engaged six times (often to notorious criminals) but never married -- jealousy is in the air as are brand new Staten Island scuffles. A scrappy, quick witted loose cannon, known around town for stabbing, slicing, and poisoning ex lovers, Love is searching for love in all the wrong places -- but, she won't take sh*t from any man or woman.

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  1. From her celebrity crush to the movie she's most obsessed with, find out the nine things you never knew about Renee.

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  1. From her celebrity crush to what she was like in high school, find out the nine things you never knew about Carla.

  2. From three things she absolutely cannot live without to why her most embarrassing moment involves Chris Brown, find out the nine things you never knew about Ramona.

  3. From her spirit animal to the most embarrassing song on her iPod, find out the nine things you never knew Love.


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