The Women Discuss The Season 4 Drama

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Alicia Gets Sentenced

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What You Didn't See On TV: Episode 12

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  1. Hosted by Sherri Shepherd. Drita, Renee, Ang, Alicia, and Natalie sit down for an explosive, often funny and shockingly intense look back at the past season....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Renee confesses that she has been writing a steamy sex novel in private while Alicia meets her fate when she appears in front of the judge....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Drita has a grand opening for her new store while Renee finds out that Natalie has publicly humiliated her on Twitter....  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

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    1. Deap Vally  "Baby I Call Hell"

    1. Episode 12

    1. John Newman  "Gold Dust"

    1. Kodaline  "What It Is"

    1. Skyler Stonestreet  "Here We Go Again"

    1. Bo Saris  "She's On Fire"


About Mob Wives 4

  1. "Mob Wives: New Blood" is a docu-soap series which follows the lives of a group of ("according to the federal government") associated women at a crossroads, struggling to establish their own identities and carry on while their loved ones do time for Mob-related activities. Along the way they battle their friends, families and each other as they try to do what's best for themselves, their children, and their future. Returning Mob Wives, Renee Graziano, Drita D'Avanzo, and "Big Ang" are joined by a duo of new ladies. Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guercio may hail from Philly, but their New York ties run deep.

    As season 3 came to a close, Drita had finally decided to let her husband Lee back into her life -- and also their two daughters' lives. Renee and her son AJ were mending their relationship following Renee's stint in rehab. And Ang, ever the 'godmother' to the group, was trying to do her best to remain neutral and not take sides. But when the new girls hit the scene and shake things up -- how will the dynamic between the women be affected?

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  1. From her celebrity crush to the movie she's most obsessed with, find out the nine things you never knew about Renee.

  2. From her porn name (which BTW is incredible) to the celebrity she would geek out most over, find out the nine things you never knew about Big Ang.

  3. From her biggest pet peeve to the first concert she ever went to, find out the nine things you never knew about Drita.


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