Money Hungry

about Money Hungry

No one wants to be fat, but for one reason or another a lot of people seem to end up that way. Some struggle with weight their entire lives, while others pack it on little by little over time.

Once the scale starts to tip, we all know what happens next - you try a fad diet, buy an Ab-Roller, use the stairs instead of the elevator, drop carbs, add protein, join a gym, stop eating out, cut the booze, bike to work, attempt underwater aerobics, consume only cabbage, give hypnosis a try, eat a bar, drink a shake, cleanse your colon, sexercise, eat like you're in South Beach, or Jenny Craig, or Nutrisystem, listen to Kirstie Alley, or better yet Monica Lewinsky. But even IF the weight comes off, it ALWAYS seems to return eventually. Let's face it, when you're surrounded by Big Macs and temptation, it's easy to let things slip.

But what if you had a different motivation to keep off the your very own hard earned cash?