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  1. After 10 weeks of grueling challenges and workouts, the final three teams face off for the $100,000 grand prize. Only the strong will survive the epic final challenge and there's sure to be some casualties along the way. The winning team will be safe at...  Read Full Summary »


  2. With the $100,000 grand prize in sight (literally), the final four teams battle it out in the most exciting challenge yet. It comes down to a photo finish and the outcome changes everyone's game plan. Some teams are dependent on old alliances for safety,...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Its down to the final five teams and all alliances are shaky at best. The house is fed up with one team's continuous lies and betrayal and it looks like karma might finally come back to bite them. Trust is a thing of the past and every team sweats out t...  Read Full Summary »


About Money Hungry

  1. No one wants to be fat, but for one reason or another a lot of people seem to end up that way. Some struggle with weight their entire lives, while others pack it on little by little over time.

    Once the scale starts to tip, we all know what happens try a fad diet, buy an Ab-Roller, use the stairs instead of the elevator, drop carbs, add protein, join a gym, stop eating out, cut the booze, bike to work, attempt underwater aerobics, consume only cabbage, give hypnosis a try, eat a bar, drink a shake, cleanse your colon, sexercise, eat like you're in South Beach, or Jenny Craig, or Nutrisystem, listen to Kirstie Alley, or better yet Monica Lewinsky. But even IF the weight comes off, it ALWAYS seems to return eventually. Let's face it, when you're surrounded by Big Macs and temptation, it's easy to let things slip.

    But what if you had a different motivation to keep off the your very own hard earned cash?

    Well, get ready because on "MONEY HUNGRY," 10 pairs of overweight people each throw down $10,000 of THEIR OWN MONEY in a no-holes-barred weight loss competition. The pair that sheds the most weight combined walks away with the $100,000 pot. How's that for motivation? It's as if "The Biggest Loser" got a little hungry and took a bite out of "I Love Money." Finally, a weight loss show that is everyone's guilty pleasure.

    Along the way, fitness and nutritional experts will give input and advice, but in the end the weight loss is up to each team competing for the $100,000 prize. Living in a state-of-the-art compound with all the amenities as well as all of the usual luxuries of home (i.e. fast food), teams will be pushed to the brink. Each week, they'll compete in grueling supersize challenges, withstand emotional temptations, and endure pressure filled weigh-ins, all leading to a dramatic elimination of one team every week.

    Just like millions of Americans everyday, our contestants will struggle with themselves to drop pounds, but the difference here is that the team left standing wins the ultimate prize of $100,000.

    Watch what happens when 10 larger than life teams put their money where their mouth is, this season on...MONEY HUNGRY!

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