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  1.   Episode 2 Bonus Clips

    Watch these episode 2 extras to see Adrianne cook in her undies and learn her views on anal sex.

    Air Date: 6/04/06

  2.   Tie the Knot, Tie the Tubes Show Clips

    Check out a "Wicked Short" version of Episode 2 and see why Chris wants to snip his clip for love.

    Air Date: 6/04/06

Full Episode Summary

While an ecstatic Adrianne focuses on finding a wedding dress with her mom and grandma, Chris is busy trying to put on the brakes before the big day. At lunch with his good friend Barry Williams aka "Greg Brady" he admits that he wants Adrianne to quit smoking...oh, and he wants to get a VASECTOMY! Barry seems to think he has some control issues. Birth control, maybe. When Chris gets up the

nerve to tell Adrianne about his plan, she is furious. What about kids? And what makes him think vasectomies are reversible? But Chris doesn't trust Adrianne's 23 years of experience. He won't be satisfied till they consult with

a professional.