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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out goodies from episode 3 and get lessons in boobs, Brazilian waxes and sex tapes.

    Air Date: 6/11/06

  2.   Family Values Show Clips

    When the in-laws meet, trouble follows. Find out what line Adrianne crossed to make Chris sleep in the closet.

    Air Date: 6/11/06

Full Episode Summary

After the trip to the vasectomy doctor, Adrianne runs crying to her mom and grandma, and tells them that Chris doesn't want to marry her. Chris tries to lighten things up, but he's in the doghouse. Later Adrianne's mom and grandma meet Chris' dad, Ed Knight, for the first time at dinner. Things get uncomfortable when Adrianne announces that she's "uncomfortable" because most of Chris' family isn't planning to come to the wedding. When Chris admits, "I've never lived my life for family, my friends are more important to me," it's strike two with Adrianne and her tight Italian clan. Although Chris should gain some brownie points when he finally decides to go shopping for his tuxedo, Adrianne is still upset that his sister refuses to even meet her. "You're naked in a magazine!" argues Chris in defense of his sister's values. "Well I'm still going to have her name." taunts Adrianne. And the fight is on.