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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Catch exclusive clips and hear Adrianne talk more about her habits in the bedroom and and bathroom.

    Air Date: 6/25/06

  2.   Dr. Pam Show Clips

    Watch a "Wicked Short" version of the episode to find out why Chris isn't happy with couples counseling.

    Air Date: 6/25/06

Full Episode Summary

The last thing Christopher Knight wants is to be told he's wrong, and therapy with Dr. Pam leads to a deep depression. When Chris declares he's quitting and going home, Adrianne insists on talking about it first. "We're not ready for this," argues Chris. "I'm so totally amazed at how I'm lost in this relationship because the only logical impression I can reach from it is that we shouldn't be getting married!" he says. Surprisingly it's not Adrianne but Chris who breaks down in tears by the end of the day. He can't communicate with her, he doesn't know how to listen to her, and even worse, he feels like a schmuck for not believing anything she says! "I don't think you realize just how much I love you and how far I'll go for you," insists Adrianne. But will they be able to overcome their communication problems in time for the wedding?