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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Find out how Adrianne keeps her skin so silky smooth and how she discovered her "VSPOT."

    Air Date: 1/01/00

  2.   There's No Place Like Home Show Clips

    Adrianne and Chris go back to Joilet for final wedding preparations but as always trouble's not far behind.

    Air Date: 7/05/06

Full Episode Summary

After an eye-opening trip to see Dr. Pam, Chris and Adrianne are more in love than ever. Now it's time to return to Joliet to finalize wedding plans - guest list, church, flowers - and our odd couple can't seem to agree on anything. Chris wants to work on the guest list but Adrianne couldn't care less. Adrianne loves the idea of getting married in the big empty unrenovated church, but Chris insists that it needs to be "feminized." While selecting the flowers, Chris is so picky that Adrianne declares, "Anything for my bride!" Of course what is really on Adrianne's mind is her parents. Frightened about the prospect of how they'll act at the wedding, and even more horrified at the thought of trying to get them together before then, she heads for her dad's house to set some ground rules for her big day.