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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Check out this week's extras and see Adrianne belch, have nic fits and sniff out a funny scent in Chris' bed.

    Air Date: 7/09/06

  2.   Something Old, Something New Show Clips

    Watch the "Wicked Short" version of episode 7 as wedding plans start to unravel at the seams.

    Air Date: 7/09/06

Full Episode Summary

After shopping for a wedding cake, Chris surprises Adrianne with a romantic tasting dinner at the Rialto -- the old theatre in downtown Joliet where they will have their reception. Chris is in good form as he offers her "something blue" to wear for her wedding day and declares that he could easily say his vows to her now. Before wrapping up their trip to Joliet, Chris takes Adrianne's mom Christine out to breakfast to talk about the idea of getting her together with Adrianne's dad, Rick, before the wedding day. He's doing everything he can to avoid drama between them at the wedding, but will he succeed at bringing these estranged parents together before it's too late?