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  1.   Episode 9 Bonus Clips

    Check out the crazy clips from the season finale they couldn't show you on TV!

    Air Date: 7/23/06

  2.   Here Comes the Bride? Show Clips

    Catch a "Wicked Short" version of the final episode and see if Chris and Adrianne pull it off in the end.

    Air Date: 7/23/06

  3.   Adrianne's Hottest Moments

    Watch the luscious future Mrs. Brady in all her uninhibited and sometimes completely undressed glory.

    Air Date: 7/02/06

Full Episode Summary

It has been a long rocky road to the altar for 48 year-old Christopher Knight and his 23 year-old model fiancee Adrianne Curry. For the final episode of My Fair Brady 2, they will return to Joliet for the three intense days leading up to their wedding.

While Adrianne is already looking forward to the honeymoon, a stressed out Chris just wants to make sure his bride doesn't get too wild or embarrass him in front of friends and family. "I'm not looking at the wedding as a college frat party, if that's what you're asking." insists the bride to be. "I'm not gonna get sloppy drunk, at all!"

Neither Chris nor Adrianne expects Chris' eccentric father, Ed Knight, to be the cause of all of their real problems. But when Ed Knight gets a little hammered at dinner and announces to Adrianne that she "creates too much conflict in the relationship" and even wonders aloud if Chris should go through with the wedding, all hell breaks loose! While Adrianne tries to defend herself, her dad, Rick Curry, just stares in awe as Ed Knight breaks down in tears, and an already wound up Chris finally snaps. Convinced that Adrianne is being disrespectful of her elders, Chris loses his temper, and much to Adrianne's horror, threatens to call off the wedding...again?!?

As fate would have it, Chris wakes up with the worst hangover of his life and filled with regret, but will one day be enough time repair the damage that he and his dad have caused? Will the wedding planner Joe succeed at convincing Adrianne that her man truly loves her? Can special guests Barry Williams (Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch), Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch) and Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch) help give Chris the support he needs? And what zany antics does Chyna Doll (Surreal Life Season 4) have in store before Chris and Adrianne finally walk down the aisle?