Ep Type Title Date
  209  Show Clips  Here Comes the Bride? Show Clips 7/23/06 
  209  Bonus Clips  Episode 9 Bonus Clips 7/23/06 
  208  Bonus Clips  Episode 8 Bonus Clips 7/16/06 
  208  Show Clips  It's My Party & I'll Strip If I Want To Show Clips 7/11/06 
  207  Bonus Clips  Episode 7 Bonus Clips 7/09/06 



About My Fair Brady | Season 2

In 2005 Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) got down on one knee on national television and tearily, asked his girlfriend of 7 months, Adrianne Curry to be his wife. So what's so strange about a child star, now a 48 year-old millionaire, proposing to a 23 year old model? Well let's look back on their love affair. One month after The Surreal Life, the Midwestern Beauty packed her bags, left everything she knew and began living in sin with her "knight" in shining armor in his pristine home in Manhattan Beach, CA. Season One of "My Fair Brady" was a rough and crazy road. The season began with Chris cheating on Adrianne by making out with her best friend (Jane Weidlin). Adrianne rebelled while Chris was out of town, and invited her former roommate to town to stay with her. They showered together, bought a car (after Chris's direct orders not to) and went looking for apartments. Florence Henderson (Carol Brady), paid a visit to meet Adrianne for the first time...gave the thumbs down, and told Chris they were doomed if Adrianne didn't move out. Adrianne took Chris home to meet Mom and Dad Curry, and Chris got the thumbs down unless there's a ring on her finger...

Their torrid love affair seemed doomed...until Adrianne gathered up offered Chris an ultimatum, "Either put a ring on my finger or I'm gone." Chris made the biggest decision of his life. The Season ends with a tear filled proposal, Chris asks her, "Will you be my rock? Will you marry me?" ....she says "YES, YOU ASS#%&*!"

Here we are. Season 2 of "My Fair Brady...Road to the Altar". The nation has fallen in love with this sexy, outrageous couple. Now, we are entering the next stage of their life, their trip down the aisle....
We will follow our couple's every important decision..... She's catholic; he has no religious affiliation. Adrianne wants to save her grandmother from an early heart attack, by having a catholic ceremony. Will the church let her in? Will they be able to find a minister to marry them? He's a millionaire; she doesn't have a bank account. Will they agree on a pre-nup? The bachelorette party.... Will Adrianne (who seems to like female strippers) be able to check her libido at the door? Will both families give them their blessing? Can Adrianne quit smoking before the wedding? Will Adrianne be able to get the approval from Florence Henderson that she so desperately wants? Will Chris' family attend? Will Chris get cold feet? She wants to start a family immediately.....he wants to freeze his sperm until she is ready to be a mom...Will they both make it to "I do."...