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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out these bonus scenes to see Adrianne and Chris argue about boobs, babies and other women!

    Air Date: 2/03/08

  2.   On the Brink Show Clips

    Chris questions Adrianne's sexuality while Adrianne questions her cup size. Watch highlights here!

    Air Date: 2/03/08

Full Episode Summary

To Adrianne's surprise, Chris has a very negative response to her nude photo shoot with Kelly and walks out, leaving her in tears. A confused and angry Chris seeks advice from the one person who knows their problems the best, their marriage counselor Dr. Pine. She helps calm Chris down and he returns to the cabin to try and resolve their issues. After a very long night and tense next day they finally break down and agree that they both have baggage they need to work on, but they need each other's love and support. With that behind them, Adrianne begins thinking about having a breast augmentation. At her consultation the doctor asks if she's planning to have kids soon because if so he wouldn't recommend the surgery. Adrianne and Chris are faced with the baby question once again - will they agree or will it cause another fight?