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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    Check out the naked Adrianne and cooking Chris antics that didn't make it into this week's episode!

    Air Date: 2/10/08

  2.   Father Knows Best Show Clips

    Adrianne and Chris get outside perspective on their parenting skills. Check out this "Wicked Short" episode!

    Air Date: 2/10/08

Full Episode Summary

Chris and Adrianne spend a fun-filled day at the beach with their friends Don and Kathy and their 2 kids. Chris quickly warms up to the little girls and even feeds the baby a bottle for the first time in his life. Back at Don's house, he questions Chris about children, reminding him that he's not getting any younger. Chris begins to feel his biological clock ticking. Later, Adrianne's father Rick and his fiancé Nicole come to California to visit the newlyweds. Adrianne and her dad spend some quality time bonding at the gun range while Chris takes Nicole out for some sushi. Inevitably, the talk turns to children. Nicole thinks Chris and Adrianne would make great parents and encourages them to have kids. However, Rick tells Adrianne that because of Chris' anger problems their relationship isn't stable enough for children.