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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Watch Chris and Adrianne's wacky behavior that didn't make it on the show! Check out these extras!

    Air Date: 2/24/08

  2.   Living the Surreal Life Show Clips

    As Chris leans more towards children, Adrianne craves her boob job. Watch this Wicked Short episode!

    Air Date: 2/24/08

Full Episode Summary

Adrianne's career is taking off and she's decided to go full steam ahead with the boob job, putting the kid conversation on the backburner. However, the more Chris mulls over the thought of being a father, the more he realizes he wants a family...and soon. He tries to get Adrianne on the same page by planning a romantic dinner at a place that means a lot to both of them, the Surreal Life house where they first met! During dinner Chris gives her a pair of symbolic gifts in hopes of convincing her that they really can have it all. Will they see eye to eye or will she crush his dream?