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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    See more from Adrianne's surgery, recovery, and aftermath in her newly well-endowed lifestyle! Check it out!

    Air Date: 3/02/08

  2.   Bring On The Boobs Show Clips

    The day of Adrianne's surgery has finally arrived! Watch a "Wicked Short" version of the episode now!

    Air Date: 3/02/08

Full Episode Summary

Adrianne's breast augmentation surgery quickly approaches and she is scared. Chris sees this as a perfect opportunity to prove he can be a good father and caretaker and commits himself to being her nurse while she recovers. Two months later she's ready to show off her new boobs and invites her friend Dia to come out and stay with them. Dia also recently got married but unlike Adrianne wants kids right away. Chris and Dia team up to try and convince Adrianne to have children sooner rather than later but she is resistant after having spent so much on her new "money makers." After a fun day of bikini shopping, the girls get serious and discuss issues in Adrianne's past that might be preventing her from fully committing to having children. She realizes she's been a little harsh on Chris and apologizes before going upstairs to pack for their second honeymoon in Hawaii!