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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Watch these extras to see if Adrianne and Chris's trip was really as romantic as it seemed!

    Air Date: 3/09/08

  2.   Season Highlights

    Relive the funniest, smelliest and sexiest moments from season 3 as Adrianne and Chris decide on whether babies or boobs are more important.

    Air Date: 5/06/08

  3.   Aloha Means I Love You Show Clips

    In a last ditch effort to convince Adrianne to have kids, Chris whisks her away to Hawaii! Check it out!

    Air Date: 3/09/08

Full Episode Summary

Chris and Adrianne depart for a romantic second honeymoon in Hawaii -- his last-ditch effort to get Adrianne to warm up to the idea of having children. Unfortunately, they are met by howling cold wind and stormy weather. Trying to make the best of it, they renew their vows in a touching ceremony. That night Chris insists on having a serious discussion about children, derailing Adrianne's plans for an intimate evening. They spend their final day kayaking in the rain before a revealing dinner. Adrianne finally opens up to Chris about her past and her fears about the future and he lets her know that she won't ever be alone again. They finally come to an understanding that will change both of their lives forever -- or will it?