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About My Fair Brady | Season 3

The past 2 years have been a complete whirlwind for former "Brady Bunch" star, Christopher Knight and "America's Next Top Model" season 1 winner, Adrianne Curry. After meeting and falling in love on the 4th season of "The Surreal Life," the unlikely couple moved in together, got engaged, and actually made it to the alter.

Now almost a year after their wedding, "My Fair Brady... Maybe Baby?" finds the couple settling into their lives as a sometimes happily married couple. In Adrianne's words "we go to counseling twice a week and we fight at least 3 times a week... married life is fabulous." Along with that, the pair is battling over the next step in their lives together... kids. For the longest time Adrianne has had the single-minded goal of bagging her Brady and bearing his children, but now with her modeling career back on track that might not be in the cards and instead breast augmentation surgery could be in her future. Meanwhile, Chris, originally content with not having children, now faced with his own mortality, is questioning if his life-plan is flawed.

It's this fundamental difference and determining the next step in their life together that becomes the driving force over the next several months. Everything they do and everywhere they go has the underlying question of will they or won't they have kids attached to it. They experience what life is like as a couple with children, welcome Adrianne's dad and fiancé, celebrate Chris' 49th birthday, get a visit from best friend Andrea and go on a second honeymoon to the romantic island of Kauai. They do all this while arguing, fighting, kissing, getting naked and most importantly trying to figure out if they're ready for kids. Can they really have it all?

Whether the former Brady and his top model wife will bring a child into their reality is unclear, but watching the pair figure it out will be a sometimes relatable, sometimes crazy, but always humorous journey. And it will all play out on the next season of "My Fair Brady... Maybe Baby?"