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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    Watch more outtakes from this week's episode with Sister Patterson, Lizza and New York!

    Air Date: 8/25/08

  2.   At Home with New York Show Clips

    Sister Patterson is in town to check up on Tiffany. Will the over-bearing mother strike again?

    Air Date: 8/25/08

Full Episode Summary

New York's assistant is late...again! Slightly perturbed, New York takes a call from her manager regarding an In Touch photo shoot that he set up at her house. The anxiety over the photo shoot is compounded when New York receives the call that her mother is coming out to visit. Sister P. arrives, terrorizes New York's assistant, and the photo shoot is put in jeopardy by the domineering stage mother. Later, Sister P. demands a meeting with this new Hollywood manager and when Sister P. drags religion into the meeting and insults a prospective movie producer, New York starts to consider whether having her mother around is an asset to her career or a "bump in the road" on her path to acting stardom.